Rich in megalithic mysteries, Cornwall has much to offer in the way of enigmatic standing stones, lovely circles and dolmens, or quoits as they are known in this area.  West Cornwall has one of the most concentrated collections of ancient monuments in Europe, all within an ancient landscape that has changed very little since the Celtic Iron Age of 2,500 years ago. On the lonely inspiring moorland of the Land's End peninsula are granite-walled chamber tombs which date from the Neolithic-Bronze Age period of over 5,000 years ago. West Penwith, the western peninsula west of Penzance running to Land's End, is particularly rich in megaliths. The area has had a long mystical tradition, being sacred to the people of Cornwall since ancient times.

Miles of magnificently varied coastline dominate this magical corner of England.  Nearly everywhere in Cornwall is within sight or sound of the sea which washes it on three sides and beats its majestic cliffs into eerie shapes. Cornwall's beautiful coastline is dotted with lighthouses and tiny coves penetrated by deep tidal rivers and innumerable creeks of greatly varying size.

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