The spectacular cliffs at Land's End form England's most westerly point, closest to the North American continent.  For centuries they have been battered by fierce Atlantic winds and waves wearing away land which may have stretched as far as the Isles of Scilly, located 28 miles away.  The cliffs at Land's End stand 200 feet above the crashing waves.  Below the granite cliffs are a number of bizarre, isolated rock forms: Armed Knight, Dr Johnson's Head, Irish Lady, Kettles Bottom, and Enys Dodman.  Offshore, the Longships Lighthouse can be seen warning ships away from this treacherous coast.

Land's End also has a place in Cornish folklore.  Some tales tell that the lost land of Lyonesse - a sort of British version of Atlantis - lies beneath the sea.  It is said that local fishermen have pulled up stones from the buildings of Lyonesse in their nets, and that to this day the bells of long submerged churches can be heard ringing beneath the waves on still nights. Others relate that the domes and spires of Lyonesse can be seen in the sea when standing on the cliffs at Land's End.  In Arthurian legend, Lyonesse was the western-most kingdom of Arthur's realm, extending beyond the end of Cornwall and joining the Isles of Scilly to the rest of Britain.

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Land's End CoastlineThe surrounding rugged coastline at Land's End. Rock formsRock forms at Land's End.
Armed KnightArmed Knight Rock Form. Longships LighthouseSunset over Longships Lighthouse, located 1   miles off Land's End.
Grisel at Land's EndSunset at Land's End with Longships Lighthouse in the background. SunsetSunset over Longships Lighthouse.
SunsetSunset over the Atlantic Ocean and Longships Lighthouse. Slide show of sunset progression  pictures at Land's End 

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