The Minack Theatre, located in the Cornish town of Porthcurno, presents a summer-long series of plays on an outdoor stage set in the cliffs looking out over the Atlantic Ocean to the famous Logan Rock, a large rounded boulder perched on top of a high cluster of granite slabs and ribs at the heart of the headland. The theater is popular throughout Albion not only for the classic and modern repertory productions that are held from May to September. What makes it special is that the entire theater was carved into a cliff by putting to good use the very shape and structure of the cliff's face. While it is reminiscent of an ancient Roman amphitheater, it actually began in 1929 as a makeshift venue for a village play. Its creator and master was Rowena Cade (1893-1983), a girl who enjoyed the gentility of Victorian Cheltenhan and grew up to build the cliffside theatre with her own hands. The present theatre can seat 750.

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Gully seating areaView of the stage and the steeply-raked seats in the Gully seating area of the Minack Theatre. Minack Theatre & Logan RockBehind the Minack Theatre, across the bay in the distance, is Logan Rock  at Treen Cliff.
Main grassed seating terracesThe main grassed seating terraces of the Minack Theatre with the English Channel & Logan Rock beyond. Seating areaThe seating area located immediately above the grassed seating area.
ArchwayArchway above the grassed seating area of the Minack Theatre.
Porthcurno Beach & Logan RockPorthcurno Beach and Logan Rock. Weighing between 60 and 70 tons, Logan Rock used to be the most famous Rocking Stone in Cornwall. Only the slightest push by hand would cause it to rock from side to side. However in 1824, a Lieutenant Goldsmith and 8 of his men levered it out of position. Thankfully the Admiralty ordered Goldsmith to replace it at his own expense. This he achieved using 50 men and an ingenious system of ropes, pulley blocks and lifting derricks. But sadly Logan Rock no longer rocks Porthcurno Beach The Porthcurno valley leads down to the Porthcurno Bay and its golden beach. The bay lies between the Minack Theatre and Treryn Dinas, the site of an Iron Age (500 BCE to 400 CE) cliff castle. The most famous feature of Treryn Dinas is the Logan Rock.

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