Perched on top of a great granite crag, St Michael's Mount rises nearly 300 feet from the waters of Mount's Bay opposite the small village of Marazion, one of Cornwall's oldest chartered towns. Located half a mile off shore, St Michael's Mount is an island at high tide. The island has a small harbor on its northern shore, with picturesque houses, shops and restaurants. The island is accessible by foot via a cobbled granite causeway at low tide or by boats which land in the harbor at high tide.

Originally the site of a Benedictine priory established around 1066, the dramatic castle on top of this famous rocky island dates from the 12th century. It was converted into a private house in the 17th century and contains an armory, a rococo Gothic drawing room and, at the summit of the island, a 14th-century church. The Mount was bought by Sir John St Aubyn in 1659 and the St Aubyn family retained the ownership St Michael's Mount until 1954 when the property was given to the National Trust by the 3rd Lord St Levan. The St Aubyn family continues to live in the Mount.

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St. Michael's MountSt. Michael's Mount from the beach at Marazion. Harbor side villageThe harbor and surrounding village at St Michael's Mount.
The CausewaySt. Michael's Mount is accessible  by foot over the 500 yard long causeway at low tide. CastleSt. Michael's Mount medieval castle. The rocky slopes were planted with subtropical trees and shrubs by the St Aubyn family.
Castle and villageView of the castle from the Harbor side village. HarborSt Michael's Mount small harbor at low tide.

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