Greece's largest island has the dubious distinction of playing host to a quarter of all visitors to Greece. Crete nurtured the very first civilization on European soil, the Minoan, an advanced, graceful, peaceful and inventive civilization which flourished from 2800 to 1450 BCE. The palace of Knossos, just outside Crete's largest city, Herakleion, is the most magnificent of Crete's Minoan sites. The other large towns, Chania and Rethymno, are packed with beautiful Venetian buildings. Four mountain ranges lend the island a dramatic grandeur. The White Mountains in the west are vast enough to hold the Gorge of Samaria, the longest in Europe. Most of the places listed here are located in Central Crete.

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Archeological Museum of Herakleion

Chania Gortyn
Herakleion Knossos Lasithi Plateau
Matala Phaistos Samaria Gorge

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