Love is the condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own.
 - Robert Heinlein

The bridal shower was held on August 5th, 2001 at Adrienne's house in Harbor City, California.  It was hosted by Adrienne, Leticia & Elly.  Knowing how much I love animals, Adrienne also procured a "Signature Dog" that everyone signed and posed with in the pictures below. J
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My bridesmaidsLeticia, Adrienne and Elly... my wonderful bridesmaids. J  Elly and I met in 1988 when she answered a Roommate Wanted ad that I had placed in the Hughes Employee Newsletter.  I met Leticia in a role-playing group that I joined around 1991.  Adrienne and I met around the same time at (several) game conventions while we were playing our favorite board game, Merchant of Venus. Willa, Vivian, Yanira and LaraineWilla, Vivian, Yanira and Laraine.  Willa is Jeff's step mom, Vivian is Jeff's Mom, Yanira is Jeff's sister-in-law, and Laraine is a long time friend of mine.  We met at Aerospace in 1984.  In one of those "small world" coincidences, Laraine and Vivian now work in the same department at TRW.   Debbie and ChristineDebbie and Christine.  Debbie and I met during our freshman year at Torrance High School when we were both 13!!  Don't even ask how long that was ago, but she has been my friend for longer than anyone.  After high school, we both went to California State Long Beach where we met Christine (my second oldest friend) during our sophomore year in college.

LoriLori and I met at Relational Data Systems (RDS) in 1997, the same company where Jeff and I met. Lori and her hubby Roger came to our wedding in Scotland.  It was wonderful having them there! We even drafted them into being our Matron of Honor and Best Man at the wedding ceremony.  J

Anna & MaryAnna & Mary.  Anna is also an RDS co-worker although she started working there a few years after I did.  Mary and I met during the summer of 1999 while we were both playing in CBVA volleyball tournaments. We played in innumerable volleyball tournaments together in 2000 and 2001.

DonnaDonna and I actually went to the same high school although we never knew each other while we were there.  We met much later playing beach volleyball and have played together in several tournaments in the last two years.

StephanieStephanie and I met in 1998 and we've been talking and talking ever since, usually about how similar our husbands are to each other.  J StellaStella and I met several years ago through our mutual good friend, Elly.  Stella, Elly and I went to Oahu together. NicoleNicole and I met around 1992 at a game convention.  She, her hubby Mark, and I met while playing a play by mail game called Duelmasters. 

The groupGroup picture including the fully signed Signature Dog. J

Another group pictureAnother Group shot

Bridal Shower InvitationThe Bridal Shower Invitation
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