One word frees us from all of the weight and pain in life. That word is love. - Sophocles 

Before you proceed to the pictures, a few paragraphs about our unique wedding guest book are in order...

A jigsaw puzzle is very much like a persons life. From the day we are born, our life can be captured by a picture puzzle. As we grow from the age of one day old, more and more pieces of our puzzle's picture start to fall into place, piece by piece, creating a seemingly never ending picture of who and what we are.

Our family, friends, co-workers, as well as our hobbies, favorite TV shows, foods, clothes, pets, travels and the many, many other unique interests that we have, all make up the tiny pieces of who we have become. As more pieces are continuously added to our life's picture, we gradually change and evolve.

In merging our lives together, we are also merging our personal picture puzzles together, as our lives, past, present and future, now become part of the others. Not only are our two lives being directly impacted, but in one way or another, either big or small, the individual pieces that comprise our personal puzzles will feel the changes of our union as well. Those pieces, the people who know each of us, will eventually know each other through our marriage, meeting one another at our wedding reception, holiday gatherings and other social occasions.

It is based on this premise that we provided this symbolic and unique wooden jigsaw puzzle as our guest book. While the front side of each puzzle piece contains our picture, the backside of each contains the signature and a sentence or two from each one of our guests; our closest friends and family members who attended our wedding reception. 

We hope that you realize how important you have been in our lives, nourishing us into who we are today and who we will become in the future. You are all truly a part of our life's puzzle. Thank you for being part of our lives and for sharing our joy on this special occasion. J

Click on the thumbnails below in order to see pictures of the wedding guest book and our  guests.  Please also visit the wedding reception page to see additional pictures of the reception. Use your browser's back button to return to this page.

Puzzle at the receptionThe partially signed guest book puzzle at the reception. Guests signing the puzzleSean signing the guest book puzzle at the reception. Barb & FuzzBarb & Fuzz signing the guest book puzzle at the reception.
Picture side of guest book puzzleThe picture side (front) of the guest book puzzle depicts us at Culzean Castle's Round Saloon where our wedding ceremony was performed. Backside of guest book puzzleThe backside of the guest book puzzle with our guests' signatures. Close-up of puzzle piecesClose-up of some of the signed pieces of the guest book puzzle.
Jeff's FamilyJeff's immediate family: Vivian Prosise (mom), Glen Prosise (brother), Yanira Molina (sister-in-law), Willa (step-mom) & Paul Prosise (dad). Jeff's FamilyRaymond & Marian Kuruhara, Vivian Prosise, Glen Prosise, Yanira Molina, Willa Prosise & Laraine Miyata. Jeff's FamilyKen Nagai, Shizuho Ota, Tanya & Michael Tyau, Yoshiki & Sayoko Murai, Arleen & Don Gerbig.
Grisel & DebbieGrisel & Debbie Allison Upper DeckThe Upper Deck.  Facing the camera are Amanda & Steve VanHoak, Linda & Matthew Hart and Adrienne Catone-Huber. Upper DeckThe Upper Deck.  In the center is Andrew Corlett, the Best Man, Regina Arvizu and Dave Good.
Grisel's FamilyGrisel's Family: Alba & Fortino Amaya, Troadia Artiles, Jesica Acevedo and Carlos Martin. Dave, Junelle, Paul, Andrew & ReginaDave Good, Junelle & Paul Budzinski, Andrew Corlett & Regina Arvizu. RDS "Family"Brian Delaney, Sorin & Rox Chira, Bill &  Penny Homan-Muise, Jay Hastings, Bonnie & Ken Shea.
Scott, Joyce, Venter, Ruth, Nick, & BillScott Lundgren, Joyce Lauppe, Venter Laird, Ruth & Nick Weinberger, and Bill Sellers Todd & FeliciaTodd Hunt & Felicia Kelley. Karan & BrandonKaran Mann and her son, Brandon
Debbie, Dave & JuneDebbie Allison and her parents, Dave and June Simon, have been a second family to Grisel since Debbie and Grisel's high school years. Elly & MichaelElly Stevens and her fiancé, Michael Fitzhugh. Adrienne & JeffAdrienne and Jeff Catone-Huber. 
Elias & LenaElias & Lena  Group hugMark &  Stephanie Swindell, Jeff & Grisel, Tashia Hinchliffe, Fuzz Navagh, Barbara Tressel, Donna Gatz & Joe Hiller Gary & JeffGary Holtz and Jeff
Guests at the Buffet TableGuests at the Buffet Table in the main salon. At the front of the line are Fortino Amaya and Nino & Julie Atmavidya. Mary, Grisel & AmandaMary & Amanda, both of whom were married (at venues in opposite directions) on the same day, October 13th, just two weeks after our reception. Tanya & MichaelTanya & Michael Tyau
Mark, Nicole & JonathanMark & Nicole Zeleznick & Jonathan Kiser in the main salon. Leticia & RobertLeticia & Robert Silverthistle.  Yes, Robert is wearing a kilt.  We had a guest at the wedding ceremony wearing a kilt so when Robert expressed an interest to wear his kilt at the reception, I wasn't about to let him back out. J Let them eat cake :)Hank Cherry, Ashlyn Nicholson, Donna Gatz, Joe Hiller, Gary & Susanne Holtz and Elise Sharp (standing behind couch).
Jiles, Amanda, Danny & AmandaJiles McCoy, Amanda Bailey, and Danny & Amanda Bartels.  No, there is no typo... there are two Amandas in the picture. Amanda & DannyAmanda and Danny Bartels. Perhaps they were reminiscing about the evening when Danny proposed to Amanda aboard a cruise ship... Helio & SeanHelio Freitas & Sean Crumpler on the outside deck.
Matt, Linda & GriselMatthew & Linda Hart. Alicia, JC & GriselJC Kern and his fiancé, Alicia Watts. Stella & BillStella Santos & Bill
Anna & CharlieAnna & Charlie Braun. Adrienne, Jeff & LeticiaAdrienne & Jeff Catone-Huber and Leticia Silverthistle on the dance floor. Dance FloorScott Lundgren, Joyce Lauppe, Venter Laird, Elisa Sharp and Charles Mallory
Mary & MarkMary Anawalt-Heins and Mark Heins. Scott & JoyceScott Lundgren & Joyce Lauppe  
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