Love does not consist of gazing at each other but looking together in the same direction.
 - Antoine de Saint-Exupery 

Our wedding reception was held on September 30th, 2001 from 5:30-9:30 pm aboard the Athena in Newport Beach Harbor, California. The 115-foot Athena is decorated in a classic Greek motif and can seat 149 for dinner on the enclosed upper deck. The yacht has two full bars, one on the upper deck and a second on the lower main salon.  The main salon contains leather sofas and a baby grand player piano.

Click on the thumbnails below in order to see pictures of the wedding reception.  Use your browser's back button to return to this page. Please also visit the Guests page to see additional pictures of friends and family that attended the reception.

BridesmaidsLeticia, Elly & Adrienne - My wonderful bridesmaids! Elly & GriselElly puts on Grisel's garter as we get ready in the bridal dressing room located in the lower level on the yacht. Grisel & StephanieMy good friend Stephanie was kind enough to apply my makeup. J
Grisel & JeffGrisel & Jeff on one of the leather couches in the main salon. The wedding ringsThe wedding rings Grisel & JeffGrisel & Jeff in the main salon.
Grisel & The CakeGrisel and the Cake Cake TableThe Cake table in the main salon. Our CakeOur cake.
The Prosise FamilyThe Prosise Family: Paul, Willa, Grisel, Jeff, Vivian, Yanira and Glen.

Hawaii FamilyJeff's entire family... well, the ones that made it to the reception anyway. There are many, many more. J

Jeff & GriselJeff and Grisel with Newport Harbor in the background.
JC & AliciaJC & Alicia just had to make a grander entrance than the bride & groom!  All kidding aside, they had car troubles and we're very glad they were able to make it in time to join us at the reception. J Jeff & GriselThe Grand Entrance... well, we didn't arrive by boat like JC & Alicia, but more people clapped for us. J Grisel & JeffGrisel and Jeff
Grisel & JeffGrisel and Jeff Grisel & JeffGrisel and Jeff Grisel & JeffGrisel and Jeff at their sweetheart table on the Upper Deck.
Grisel & JeffJeff & Grisel at sunset SunsetThe sun sets as we cruise in Newport Harbor. Reception InvitationThe Reception Invitation
Grisel's familyJeff, Grisel, Fortino, Alba and Troadia. Grisel & LeticiaGrisel and Leticia at the Cake table prior to the cake cutting The Cake CuttingJeff and Grisel cutting the cake.
The Cake CuttingJeff and Grisel cutting the cake. Jeff feeds GriselJeff cautiously feeds Grisel cake. Jeff is a very smart man who wants to remain happily married. J Grisel feeds JeffGrisel feeds Jeff. Jeff's careful feeding of me was reciprocated. J

Jeff & GriselJeff and Grisel

First DanceJeff and Grisel's First Dance Grisel & Jeff dancingGrisel & Jeff dancing
Jeff & Grisel dancingJeff & Grisel dancing. Bouquet TossThe bouquet toss. SpringSpring Cassidy caught the bouquets.
SpringNo, you're not seeing double... there were two bouquets tossed and Spring caught both of them. Garter TossThe garter toss. Venter & SpringSpring & Venter, the best catchers in the group J
Ali & BridesmaidsAli Hamidian, Elly, Adrienne, & Leticia Andrew's toastAndrew's toast Leticia's toastLeticia's toast
Jeff's toastJeff's toast... short and sweet and so very "Jeff" J Honeymead ToastHoney Mead Toast. Andrew & JeffAndrew, the Best Man, & Jeff
Jeff's immediate familyJeff's immediate family: His Dad (Paul), Mom (Vivian) and brother (Glen). Jeff and his MomJeff and his Mom, Vivian. Yanira & GlenYanira, Glen, Grisel & Jeff.
Jeff & GriselJeff & Grisel on the stairs between the main salon and upper deck. The AthenaThe Athena
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