Central Greece

This region of Greece is dominated by the vast, agricultural central plain of Thessaly, the former bed of an inland sea. The province's attractions lie largely on the periphery, chained in by the mountain ranges of Olympus, Pindus, Óssa and Pelion. To the west, Kalambáka gives access to Metéora with its Byzantine monasteries that soar on the summits of the steeply eroded peaks. The southern part of this region, before you enter Thessaly proper, is known as Stereá Elláda, literally "Greek Continent", a name that reflects its 19th-century past as the only independent Greek mainland territory, along with Attica and the quasi-island of the Peloponnese. In Stereá Elláda stand the ruins of the Delphic Oracle, one of the most important ancient sites in Greece. 

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