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God save the Queen! We go to the Southern California Renaissance Pleasure Faire at the Glen Helen Regional Park with our friends every summer. Not everyone makes it every year but we always go at least once per season. We dress up, eat lots of yummy food, drink mead, do lots of shopping, watch some shows and sweat... a lot.  Over the years, I've convinced a lot of my friends to buy costumes too (6 of them are on this very page) so they can sweat with me.  It's more fun that way! J 

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The Gang in 2005The gang in May 2005. We missed the Faire in 2004 because we had a newborn J  
Jeff & GriselJeff and Grisel near the Front Gate on Pott Wobblers Road at the 41st Annual Renaissance Pleasure Faire (June 2003). The Gang in 2003Adrienne, Grisel, Jeff, Jiles and Jeff near the Felicity Stage (June 2003).
MaypoleMaypole Common (June 2003). VampiresAdrienne & Grisel pose with some "friendly" vampires (June 2003).
Suhaila Dance CompanyThe Suhaila Dance Company presents a Middle Eastern music and dance show at the Maybower Stage (June 2003). Suhaila Dance CompanyThe Suhaila Dance Company at the Maybower Stage (June 2003).
The Lord Mayor's ShowThe Lord Mayor's Show at the Maybower Stage (June 2003). The Washing WellThe Washing Well  (June 2003).
The Seven Deadly SinsThe Seven Deadly Sins... well, four of them anyway... being portrayed by Elly, Michael, his son Michael and his girlfriend whose name escapes me (June 2003). Vanity & LecheryVanity & Lechery by Grisel & Jeff (June 2003).
The Gang in 2002Jeff, Grisel, Jesus, Adrienne, Jeff, Elly and Michael (2002). Our Queen ElizabethElly is our Queen Elizabeth and Michael is her suitor (2002).
Faire FaeriesGrisel and Adrienne in their "faerie finest" (June 2001). The RoomiesJeff & Grisel with our housemates, Sean and Jiles (May 2001).
The Javelin ThrowJeff and Scott try out the Javelin Throw (May 2001). ArcheryJeff tries his hand at some Archery  (May 2001).
The Gang in 2001Jeff, Adrienne, Scott, Lynne, Jiles, Grisel and Jeff (May 2001). The manly menThe manly men (May 2001)
Cliff Hanger's Walk of DeathCliff Hanger's Walk of Death at the Maybower Common Water Garden  (May 2001). Jeff's first Ren FaireJeff's first visit to the Renaissance Faire was in Summer 2000.
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