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The Temple of Horus is a large and well preserved temple located at the town of Edfu, 123 kms north of Aswan. The Ptolemaic temple, founded on the site of a much earlier Pharaonic temple, dates to the period between the reigns of Ptolemy III and XII (246 - 51 BCE).

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Temple of HorusThe pylon gateway of the Temple of Horus. The south face of the pylon is decorated with reliefs showing Ptolemy XII smiting foreigners.

Courtyard columnsWithin the pylons is the colonnaded Courtyard with distinctive, paired columns. The east, south, and west interior of the Great Court is lined with thirty two columns, ten on the south side and twelve on the east and west sides. These are the western columns in the courtyard.

The CourtyardThe north face of the gateway pylon as seen from the courtyard.

Statue of HorusIn the courtyard, just before the entrance to the first of two hypostyle halls, is an immaculate ten foot tall colossi of Horus as the falcon god (a matching colossi was destroyed).

Great Hypostyle HallSome of the columns in the Great Hypostyle Hall adjacent to the courtyard.  Their capitals vary, each from the others, with changing floral motifs.

Second Hypostyle HallBeyond the great hypostyle hall is a second, smaller hypostyle hall. The three adjoining chambers (the offering hall, the vestibule and the sanctuary) can be seen in this picture.

The SanctuaryThe Sanctuary would have housed a golden gilded wooden statue of Horus in the shrine, or naos, at the rear of this room. The naos is fashioned from a solid piece of syenite. The pedestal would have supported a barque. The naos is dedicated by Nectanebo II, making it the oldest relic in the temple.

Barque of HorusAn early 20th century replica of a ceremonial barque of Horus that would have sat in the Sanctuary. The ceremonial barque would have been joined briefly each year by the barque of the goddess Hathor brought from Dendera. The barque sits in the chamber of the victor (Horus), one of the rooms which surround the Sanctuary.

tbdHorus is depicted on the inside of the rear surrounding wall above an Egyptian calendar?

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