This is a short hike to an interesting cave in a muffin shaped red butte located 19.2 miles northwest of Sedona.  The cave looks out to the northeast, toward Bear Mountain and Maroon Mountain.  There is a circular window in the cave that looks more to the south.  This window is unique.  There is nothing else like it in the Sedona area.  The cave gets its name from the fanciful notion that this would be a good hideout for robbers who could use the window as a lookout.  It was used by a moon shiner during Prohibition.

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Cattle The hike to the cave starts with a stretch of dirt road (FR 9530).  Cattle grazing near the road stared at us as we passed. 
The CaveA not-so-good picture of the cave, taken while facing into direct sunlight. Unfortunately, I couldn't wait for a more convenient time to take the picture since this was the last hike of the trip.  At least the small window in the cave is visible.
Looking out of the caveView of Bear Mountain and Maroon Mountain from the cave opening.
The windowView of the mountains looking out through the cave window.
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