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Valley of the Queens

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Located on the west bank at Thebes, this valley became the cemetery of the royal wives and some of the sons of the New Kingdom pharaohs. Although the site includes the tombs of some members of the late 17th and early 18th-Dynasty royal family, most of the 18th Dynasty rulers' wives were buried in the same tombs as their husbands in the Valley of the Kings. However, many of the 19th- and 20th-Dynasty royal wives and their offspring were buried in their own rock-cut tombs in the Valley of the Queens. There are about 75 tombs at the site, usually consisting of a small antechamber followed by a narrow corridor leading to the burial chamber. Two of the most beautiful tombs, those of Khaemwaset and Amun-her-khepshef, are open to the public.

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Prince Khaemwaset's TombThe tomb of Prince Khaemwaset, Ramesses III's son, located in the Valley of the Queens. This painted bas-relief shows the prince with a typical child's hairstyle: the long hair is collected in a tress, fastened with a braid which falls sideways covering an ear.

Nephthys and SelkisNephthys and Selkis on the rear wall of Khaemwaset's tomb.
Ramesses III and Re-HarakhtyRamesses III and Re-Harakhty


Ramesses IIIRamesses III wearing a short wig with blue knots, called ibes.

Ramesses III offering Ma'atRamesses III offering Ma'at, the goddess of truth and justice and the representation of cosmic order. Her symbol is the ostrich plume.

Cartouche of Ramesses IIIThe cartouche of Ramesses III in the tomb of his son, Amun-her-khepshef.

Amun-her-khepshef's architraveThe architrave above the doorway which leads into the rear annex of Amun-her-khepshef's burial chamber is decorated with the royal names protected by two big winged snakes and two shenu-signs. A solar winged disk sits above the scene.

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