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The day will come when men such as I will look upon the murder of animals the way they now look upon the murder of men. -- Leonardo Da Vinci.

Casper and GypsyCasper and Gypsy hanging out on their Adobe furniture. Gypsy is anxiously awaiting dinner... as usual. Food is the only thing that makes Gypsy move quickly. J

Princess GypsyGypsy lounging on her pet bed.  Gypsy adopted me one day in October 1996 as I was coming out of my chiropractor's office.  She was a bag of bones wrapped up in fur... but just look at her now.  Much like Scarlet O'Hara in "Gone With the Wind", Gypsy has vowed that "she will never be hungry again!". J
Casper in adobe hutCasper joined our family on November 17th, 1995. He was 5 weeks old. Casper likes to hang out in his hip, Southwestern style adobe hut. Especially when he's hiding from Norman...

The Top Ten Cat Mandments: A Must For Every Cat-Owned Home.

1. I am the Lord of thy House.
2. Thou shalt have no other pets before Me.
3. Thou shalt never ignore Me.
4. I shall ignore Thou when I feel like it.
5. Thou shalt be grateful that I even give Thou the time of day.
6. Remember My food dish and keep it full.
7. Thou shalt spend most of Thy money on toys and gifts for Me.
8. Thou shalt always have Thy lap ready for Me to curl up in.
9. Thou shalt shower Me with love and attention upon demand.
10. Above all, Thou shalt do anything and everything it takes to keep me happy.

Gypsy under the Christmas TreeGypsy examines her domain from under the Christmas Tree...

Casper under the Christmas TreeThe incredible "laughing" Casper!
EzriEzri, the newest addition to the household, is a rat terrier that we adopted from American Rat Terrier Rescue in May 1999.  She was approximately one year old when she joined us. Don't let her diminutive stature fool you... her "Napoleon complex" is alive and well. This little, 11 pound bundle of pure (and usually highly destructive) energy is "in charge" of the entire household. I hear this phase only lasts seven years... <gulp>....
NormanOur very big boy, Norman, was born August 4th, 1997. He loves to bark and chase the cats.  Needless to say, they're not too happy with him... but it does give them some exercise!
Jeff at Dog Beach w/Norman & EzriJeff, Norman and Ezri at the Huntington Dog Beach.

Pebbles and her tennis ballPebbles and her best friend ever... a tennis ball. Pebbles waits for me, tail wagging and with a tennis ball in her mouth, at the Rainbow Bridge. We love you, Pebbles.

Dogs have owners. Cats have staff.

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