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Pumpkin gutting stationPumpkin gutting in progress by Leticia, Jason, Joyce and Amanda (clockwise, L to R). More gutting & carvingMore pumpkin gutting and carving by Amanda, Leticia, Jeff P, Jason and Steve (clockwise, L to R). Pumpkin carving in progressMore pumpkin carving in progress
Adrienne, Scott and MarcPumpkin carving by Adrienne and Scott. Marc was already finished because he cheats (see his pumpkin below to see why). Leticia, Steve and AdrienneSteve attempts to get Leticia and Adrienne to give up carving their pumpkins since his is the clear winner.  They didn't fall for it. Grisel, Jeff and SteveGrisel, Jeff P, and Steve discuss pumpkin pattern selections.
The fruit of our laborsThe fruit of our labors (pun intended) Lights off

Lights off...
The pumpkin carversThe pumpkin carvers and our masterpieces!
SummoningAdrienne's "Summoning" WitchAmanda's "Witch" Castle and batsJeff P. and Grisel's combo design of "Castle and Bats"
TiggerJason's "Tigger" EeyoreJoyce's "Eeyore" Jack o' LanternJC's "Jack o' Lantern"
SpecterJeff CH's "Specter" SkullJoe's "Skull" Jack SkellingtonLeticia's "Jack Skellington" from the Disney movie, "Nightmare Before Christmas"
Black WidowMarc's unusual "Black Widow", complete with webs which, unfortunately prevented us from lighting it but helped him finish a lot faster than most of us! Demon w/AxeMike's "Demon with Axe" Haunted HouseScott's "Haunted House"
SkullScott's "Skull" Jack o' LanternSean's "Jack o' Lantern" Acid tripSteve's "Acid Trip" Jack o' Lantern

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